Classes forming for 2014

MTTC Courses Offered-All Trainers are MSHA

  and West Virginia Certified

    1.          New Inexperienced Miner Training

  1. 40 Hour MSHA underground
  2. 24 Hour MSHA surface
  3. 80 Hour West Virginia underground
  4. 40 Hour West Virginia surface
  5. Advance Safety Skills Training for new hires

2.          Mine Rescue Team Training

  1. First Aid for First 1,000 Feet- includes Heartsaver First Aid, Adult/Child CPR with Mask, and Adult/Child AED
  2. Victim Recovery
  3. Basic and Advanced Draeger BG-4 and Bio Marine Training
  4. MTTC Developed Virtual Reality Mine Rescue Team and Individual Training
  5. Mapping/Search and Rescue in Limited to Zero visibility
  6. Nationwide Mine Rescue Skills Training-

i.     General Rules

ii.     Written Test

iii.      Breathing Apparatus

iv.     Gas Detectors

v.     First Aid

vi.     Mine Rescue Exploration and Ventilation

vii.     Smoke Exploration

viii.     Fire Fighting/Live Burn

ix.     Anemometer

x.     Magnehelic

xi.     Smoke tubes

  1. Mine Rescue Real Event Training
  2. National Mine Rescue Rules Training
  3. National Mine Rescue Field Exercise Problems
  4. Briefing Officer Training
  5. Smoke Exploration
  6. Mine Emergency Response Development (MERD) that meets and exceeds MSHA and the State of West Virginia rule
  7. Air Measurements- Anemometer-Magnehelic-Smoke Tubes -training in proper use of these instruments

3.          Command and Control Center Training

  1. For Mine Rescue Team Members
  2. For Management/Supervisors

4.          Mine Foreman/Mine Examiner Training

  1. Mine Foreman/Mine Examiner Certification Classes for West Virginia and Pennsylvania
  2. West Virginia Mine Foreman Continuing Education 1-2
  3. Advanced Mine Foreman/Mine Examiner Training

5.          Emergency Preparedness

  1. First Responder
  2. First Aid/AED Certification
  3. NIMS (National Incident Management System –( Levels 100, 200, 700, 800)
  4. Fire Brigade
  5. Escape in a Smoke Filled Atmosphere
  6. Lifeline Training
  7. Responsible Persons
  8. Fire Fighting including Water Movement and Fire Suppression
  9.  Fire Tap/Hydrant Set Up, Flow, Water Application and Hose Control
  10.  1.4 million BTU Live Burn Tunnel

6.          SCSR Training

7.          Diesel Training

  1. Diesel Inspector Training
  2. Diesel Train the Trainer-Pennsylvania and West Virginia
  3. Diesel – Basic and Advanced Emission Testing
  4. Introduction to Diesel-Operator and Maintenance

8.          8 Hour Annual Refresher-Surface and Underground

9.          Train the Trainer

  1. 3 Day MSHA Instructor Training
  2. 5 Day MSHA Mine Rescue Instructor Training
  3. Diesel Trainer both Pennsylvania and West Virginia