Responsible Person and Command and Control Center Training

Responsible Person
This course was designed to familiarize participants with the duties of a responsible person as required under 30CFR section 75.1501. It is offered in two manners, formal classroom training that an MTTC instructor will provide at your site in conjunction with a company instructor, or at the MTTC. There is also an online course that takes the participant through a mine emergency. The participant becomes actively involved in the emergency and makes decisions on how to respond as the emergency becomes more serious. Both programs are designed to be about 2.5 hours but due to the absence of mine specific data such as call out lists, ERP, plans and maps, both training courses fail to meet the total requirements for 30CFR section 75.1501.

Command and Control
This course was designed to introduce participants with the MSHA mine emergency response system. The course begins with a historical review of recent emergency responses at several mine emergency’s, then transitions into the structure of MSHAs Mine Emergency Command System modeled after the National Incident Management Systemwhich is used by all emergency responders in the nation. Appropriate for any mine emergency responder, especially those who will be involved in command and control. This 2 hour course is offered at the MTTC or at your site by an MTTC instructor.