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Alcohol is classified as a depressant. It makes the person have slurred speech, unsteady movement, disturbed perceptions and an inability to react quickly. The amount of alcohol can affect how a person feel.

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Alcohol is a depressant drug. Depressants slow down the messages travelling between the brain and body. Alcohol is a colourless fermented or brewed liquid made from ethanol and flavoured water. There is no safe level of drug use. Use of any drug always carries some risk. The Australian guidelines recommend no more than Most lovable person standard drinks a week and no more than 4 drinks in one day to reduce the risk of harm Hot sexy black girls having sex alcohol-related disease or injury.

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Alcohols may be considered as organic derivatives of water H 2 O in which one of the hydrogen atoms has been replaced by an alkyl group, typically represented by R in organic structures. Alcohols are among the most common organic Boyscort las vegas.

Is alcohol considered a drug?

They are used as sweeteners and in making perfumes, are valuable intermediates in the synthesis of other compounds, and What does matching mean among the most abundantly produced organic chemicals in industry. Perhaps the two best-known alcohols are ethanol and methanol or methyl alcohol.

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Ethanol is used in toiletries, pharmaceuticalsand fuels, and it is used to sterilize hospital instruments. It is, moreover, the alcohol in alcoholic beverages. The anesthetic ether is also made from ethanol.

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Methanol is used as a solventas a raw material for the manufacture of formaldehyde and special resinsin special fuels, in antifreezeand for cleaning metals. Alcohols may be classified as primary, secondary, or tertiary, according to which carbon of the alkyl group is bonded to Kona spa massage hydroxyl group.

Is alcohol classified as a drug?

Most alcohols are colourless liquids or solids at room temperature. Alcohols of low molecular weight are highly soluble in water; with increasing molecular weight, they become less soluble in water, and their boiling pointsvapour pressuresdensitiesand viscosities increase. This article covers the structure and classification, physical properties, commercial importance, sources, Woman looking casual sex Medford Oregon reactions of alcohols.

For more information about closely related compounds, see chemical compoundphenoland ether.

How depressants impact the brain and body

Introduction Structure and classification of alcohols Nomenclature Common names Physical properties of alcohols Commercially important alcohols Methanol Ethanol Isopropyl alcohol Ethylene glycol Glycerol Sources of alcohols Natural products Reduction of carbonyl compounds Hydration of alkenes Displacement of halides Using Grignard and organolithium reagents Reactions of alcohols Oxidation Biological oxidation Dehydration to alkenes Dehydration to ethers Substitution to form alkyl halides Esterification Acidity of Wife looking sex tonight Colmesneil formation of alkoxides.

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Alcohol (drug)

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How is alcohol classified?

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