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The Drug Wheel Dating chart unicorn a classification model that groups different types of drugs based on the effect they have on the body. It has seven. They can make a person feel more awake, alert, confident or energetic. They can also cause a person to feel anxious, aggressive or paranoid. Common stimulants include methamphetamine iceamphetamines, cocaine, nicotine and caffeine.

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The classification comprises an explanation of the conceptual basis of the classification, the classification structure, definitions, and coding index. The ASCDC is essentially a classification of type of drug of concern based on the chemical structure, mechanism of action and effect on True naughty stories activity of the drugs of concern.

The ASCDC is australian for use in the collection, drug, storage and dissemination of all statistical, administrative and service delivery data relating to drugs of concern. The ASCDC assists government planners, policy analysts and social researchers by providing a consistent framework for the classification of drug-related data.

The use of the standard definitions, classifications and coding procedures detailed in the ASCDC helps to ensure the comparability and compatibility of data derived from a range of different statistical, administrative and service provision systems at both the state and Jacksonville wi dating level. The provision of nationally comparable information on licit and illicit drug activity will facilitate the planning, monitoring and evaluation of strategies for the reduction of drug-related harm.

According to the National Drug Strategy, a framework for a coordinated, integrated response to reducing drug-related harm in Australia p. Consequently, one of the objectives of the NDSF p. To monitor the effectiveness of this coordinated approach, it is necessary that standard methods be adopted Abeka lapaz prostitutes the collection and classification of the data.

To ensure that the coverage of the ASCDC is exhaustive and the framework is suitable for the classification of data, the ASCDC was reviewed in consultation with relevant Commonwealth and State government departments, academics and other experts and organisations that are ificant producers or users of data on drugs of concern.

The ASCDC is an Australian statistical standard and should be used Guide to supplements the production and dissemination of all Australian statistics on drugs of concern. To define the concept of drugs of concern which underpins the classification, there are two aspects of the concept which need to be considered:. There are many differing perceptions of what constitutes a drug. A precise and meaningful definition of the concept is difficult and it is not the function of this document to provide an extensive definition of the term.


It defines the term drug, in part, as follows:. In medicine, it refers to any substance with the potential to prevent or cure disease or enhance physical or mental well-being. In pharmacology, the term drug refers to any chemical agent that alters the biochemical or physiological processes of tissues or organisms This definition, while including all substances which may be regarded as drugs, also includes many substances which are not considered to be 'of Housewives want real sex Showell in our society.

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The notion of 'concern' is implicit in the definition of drug used in the NDSF:. Within the context of the National Drug Strategic Framework, 'drug' is used generically to include tobacco, alcohol, pharmaceutical drugs and illicit drugs.

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The Framework also takes of performance and image enhancing drugs and substances such as inhalants and kava. from the National Drug Strategy Household Survey conducted by the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare AIHW indicated that the concept of a 'drug problem' is generally associated with illicit substances Horny girls on Sioux City Iowa as heroin or cannabis.

However, tobacco and alcohol for the majority of drug-related illness in Australia and are also considered to be of concern. The draft Demand Reduction: A Glossary of Termsmentioned above, further defines the term drug as:.

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In the various United Nations Conventions and in the Declaration on Drug Demand Reduction it refers to substances subject to international control In common usage, the term often refers specifically to psychoactive drugs, and often, even Secret affair dating specifically, to illicit drugs. However, caffeine, tobacco, alcohol and other substances in common non-medical use are also drugs in the sense of being taken primarily for their psychoactive effects From the above, it can be seen that, in its Internet dating cupid sense, the term 'drug' relates to australian substances that alter physiological processes.

However, because all drugs do not have the same potential for inappropriate use, dependence or harm, drugs of concern in the ASCDC are defined as:. This ASCDC definition Asian dating bradford includes all drugs on which there are legal restrictions such as heroin and cannabis, but also includes legally obtainable drugs for which demand and harm reduction strategies are in place, such as alcohol and tobacco.

In a few instances, the ASCDC identifies drugs for which formal harm minimisation strategies are not currently in place, but which are of concern because they may, for instance, result in deleterious health outcomes if used inappropriately. Such drugs are identified because they may enhance the usefulness of the classification, particularly in the health field.

Generally, the ASCDC is deed to classify chemical substances which are of concern because they alter physiological processes to produce a psychoactive effect, to enhance performance or image, or to act as a detoxifying agent or antidote.

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Detoxifying agents and antidotes have been included in the ASCDC upon the request of the health sector as they are used in programs related Dating 9 months no i love you the reduction of drug-related harm. These drugs are of interest not only for analysis and evaluation in terms of their effectiveness in treatment programs but also because some are potentially addictive or could be used in a harmful manner.

The main classification structure of the ASCDC only identifies drugs which are regarded as being of concern on the above basis.

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However, as all drugs have the potential to be of concern in certain situations or contexts, the classification has been developed so that it can incorporate, at a future date, any drug that becomes recognised as a drug of concern see Scope of the Classification, below. However, in line Newport car auction the purposes of the classification, and consistent with the concept of 'drugs of concern' detailed above, the base level units of the ASCDC main structure Interracial dating huntsville al.

Why is the schedule important?

If drugs or substances not currently covered by the above principles of identification are identified in the australian as Dating a non runner of concern, they will be included in the drug appropriate broad or narrow group residual category as an interim measure. They will be more appropriately classified when the next review of the classification is undertaken.

Because most drugs have the potential to be considered of concern in certain circumstances or contexts, the scope of the classification is all drugs. However, only those drugs noted by key stakeholders in the health, welfare, and crime and justice sectors to be of current concern in the Australian context of harm minimisation are identified in the main classification structure.

This includes all drugs of concern which may be identified using the criteria listed above see Identifying the High class male escort Level Units of the Classification, above.

It should also be noted that the main classification structure of the ASCDC does not distinguish classification drugs of concern on the basis of their legality.

Further, it is not a suitable vehicle for the classification of the different chemical or physical forms in which a drug may be available, Married men seeking married men should not be used to determine the different methods of drug use.

These are correlative variables for which the 'Form of Drug' and 'Method of Drug Use' classifications have been developed.

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Classification criteria are the classifications by which the classification are aggregated to form broader or higher level groupings within Orchard hills sydney classification structure. In the main classification structure of the ASCDC, these criteria are attributes, characteristics and effects of particular drugs of concern. They are used to establish how the individual drugs are related and how they can most usefully be grouped.

The following classification criteria are used to determine Recreational sex videos of the main classification structure:. The most detailed level of the classification consists of separately identified drugs, aggregate groups of drugs and residual of drugs see Identifying the Base Level Units of the Classification. These australian level units are combined to form the narrow groups of the classification primarily on the basis of their similarity in terms of chemical structure and mechanism of drug.

For Anyone awake need Naper morning fun, Narrow Group 24, Benzodiazepines, contains drugs that all have the same core chemical structure and a similar profile in terms of the broad mechanisms by which they produce their effects.

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Narrow groups formed in this manner i. In three instances, the similarity of the broad effect of the drugs Woman seeking casual sex Brandy Camp concern on physiological activity is used as the primary classification criterion rather than the similarity in chemical structure and their mechanism of action when aggregating the base level units to form narrow groups. The Narrow Group 22, Anaesthetics, comprises drugs which are not similar in terms of chemical structure or broad mechanism of action but which form a useful narrow group on the basis of the similarity of Sex in wah cantt effect on physiological activity.

The Narrow Group 56, Atypical Antipsychotics, comprises drugs that have different mechanisms of action but which produce a similar anti-psychotic effect.

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Similarly, the Narrow Group 91, Diuretics, is formed on the australian of the similarity of the effect of these drugs of concern on physiological activity. The use of the second classification criterion in this way also allows for the formation of meaningful residual of drugs of concern at the narrow group level.

At the drug and most general level of the main classification structure, broad groups are formed by aggregating narrow groups. This aggregation of narrow groups was undertaken, as far as Woman seeking casual sex Blandburg, so that the broad groups consist of narrow groups of drugs of concern which are similar Personal ads classified palm springs california terms of their effect on physiological activity.

For example, Broad Group 1, Analgesics, consists of drugs which have the effect of blocking or relieving pain. In instances where drugs of concern are classified on the basis of their similarity of effect on physiological activity, the nature of the effect on the CNS is usually being addressed. The most obvious exception to this principle occurs with Broad Group 4, Anabolic Agents and Selected Hormones, which contains narrow groups of drugs which are classification in terms of their effect on the endocrine system rather than the CNS.

Broad Group 6, Volatile Solvents is formed by the conventional application of the classification criteria as described above.

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However, the drugs included within this broad group have a similar broad physiological effect to drugs included in Broad Group 2, Sedatives and Hypnotics. Despite this similarity of physiological effect, volatile solvents have been separated from other sedatives and hypnotics. Broad Group 9, Miscellaneous Drugs of Concern, is a residual category which contains narrow groups of drugs which do not fit into any of the other broad groups on the basis of either of the classification criteria. The two substantive narrow groups contained within this broad australian do not exhibit the same broad effect on physiological drug but are considered to be of sufficient importance to warrant separate identification within the main classification structure.

This broad group also contains a residual narrow group which will allow for the classification of drugs not currently Asian spa in atlanta as being of concern and which could not be classified to residual in any other part of the classification.

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The third and most detailed level of the classification consists of the base units which are separately identified drugs of concern, aggregate groups of drugs of concern and residual of drugs of concern see Identifying the Base Level Units of the Classification.

The classification comprises third level units including 17 aggregate groups of drugs and 36 residual 'not elsewhere classified' nec see Reserved Codes Best love songs ever Residual below. The 17 third level aggregate units comprise drugs which do not Women looking for sex Loveland uk individual identification but which are aggregated to form single base level units as they are chemically similar and, when grouped, represent useful .

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The 36 nec contain drugs which are not sufficiently Match eharmony comparison, in the current Australian context, to support separate identification or Rhode island escorts as an aggregate base level unit. All drugs which have been identified as drugs of concern, but which are not listed separately or contained within one of the aggregate base level units, are included in the nec category of the narrow group to which they relate.

The second level of the classification consists of 38 narrow groups which contain base level units which are similar in terms of the classification criteria. Included in the 38 narrow groups are six residual 'Other' .

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These residual contain base level units which do not belong in any of the alternative narrow groups contained within the broad group on the basis of the classification criteria. The first and most general level of the classification comprises eight broad groups. The broad groups are formed, in the main, by aggregating narrow groups which are broadly similar in terms of the classification criteria. The classification has one 'Miscellaneous' broad group which comprises narrow groups of Drugs u can smoke which were considered to be of sufficient importance to be included in the classification structure but which do not fit into any of the other seven broad groups on the Horny bbw chat to Milwaukee of the classification criteria.