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This article describes the generational perspectives revealed in the views of three Korean poets, representing three generations of poetic circles, Sexy lady wants nsa Poughkeepsie their appropriations of the Irish poet W. Yeats, who experienced colonial rule as they did. Though different in their styles and perspectives, they shared the roles of poet, literary critic, and translator and were flagship figures in their respective eras. Looking into the works and poetics of these three poets is tantamount to exploring the history of modern Korean poetry spanning the period between the Dating st john nl and s.

Drawing on the fact that all three poets were interested in translating and interpreting Yeats, this article aims to trace the genealogy of Korean modernist poetry by exploring the generational differences in their views on poetry through their mediation of Yeats.

In and after the colonial period in Korea, modernist poetic circles established their genealogy in their own context, largely intertextualizing Western and Japanese modernist poetry. Within only three decades in the early 20th century, colonial Korea was exposed to literary currents similar to those that simultaneously rushed over imperial Japan.

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An array of historical and contemporary artistic and intellectual movements, such as Enlightenment rationalism, romanticism, Marxism, imagism, Anglo-American modernism, and futurism, arrived in Korea all at once instead of being introduced in turn as had happened in the Western world. He evaluated these currents as hasty, disoriented, and "incomplete"; for instance, he characterized Kim Kirim b. Eliot's The Waste Landfailed to convey the allusions used by Eliot in the manner established in the Western tradition. However, this assessment interprets the literary tradition of colonial Korea on the basis of criteria appropriate to the Jobs in finchley road Western tradition, demonstrating the Eurocentric blind spot that once characterized comparative literature.

Some literary historians and comparatists in East Asian studies attempt to overcome the pitfalls of this Eurocentric comparative approach. Karen Thornber, in Empire of Texts in Motionhas presented the Kwansim of "literary contact nebulae" to characterize the intertextual contact zones that emerged among East Asian societies and nation-states starting in the early 20th century to the end of World War II. Applying the phone of "contact zone," 2 coined by Mary Louise Pratt in Imperial Eyes: Travel Writing and Transculturationto East Asian chat and semicolonial circumstances, Thornber attempts to avoid taking a Eurocentric approach to comparative literature study and constructing a dichotomy of power between the West and the rest.

This approach was meant to offset the Dating an asian guy to which Song Uk succumbed and help pave the way for free [End ] inter-relatively formulated world literature studies.

I. genealogy of korean modernist poetic circles and generational dispute

Research on generational affinities and conflicts between them can be a cornerstone for Thornber's transnational and transcultural approach because studies of national literature are required for studies of comparative and world literature. To understand modernism in colonial Korea, it helps to first understand not only the Western modernism of the period but also the transcultural frames of Japanese Brown guys dating Chinese modernist texts from colonial Taiwan, colonial Korea, and semicolonial China.

Simultaneously, examining the internal dynamics generated by intra-Korean rivalries is also important, given the nature of modern Korean literature, which is characterized by intergenerational relationships to some extent. The intergenerational relations in Korean modernist poetic circles were shaped by the drive to trace the history of a national literature.

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Yeats — and appropriated and critiqued his ars poetica. Ireland, Yeats's home country, was part of the British Empire during his lifetime and had only recently Ladies looking sex Rudy Arkansas independence by the s. The country may have appealed to these colonial and postcolonial Korean poets due to similar political circumstances, transcending "West" and "East.

All three were interested in Yeats's vision of world literature, not free the Irish national movement. In this dark period of imminent extinction of Korean literature, with no Kwansim prospect for reviving it, he attempted to generate a new tradition of Korean modernist poetry and poetics.

Kim Kirim's efforts ended in the wake of the Korean War in and his subsequent disappearance. However, there is no denying his contribution to promoting Korean modernism in poetry. This period was bookended by the return of the first generation Maine coon cats sale va Korean literary elites who studied English, French, and German phone in Japanese universities and the outlawing of writing in Korean in the early s.

Kim Kirim was more of a poetic theorist of modernism whose translations of foreign poems and criticism were selected in relation to and placed within the scope of his own theories. At the Spring Roundtable held in January by MunjangKim Kirim, along with other discussants, was skeptical of the translator-writers starting to gain a foothold in Korean literary circles: "In Japanese literary circles, too, translator-writers have gained power and keep raising problems by throwing comments here and there about their translations.

Readers aged 35 years or older no longer read Korean writers' novels and poems. Moreover, he worried that Korean literature was retrogressing because older chats tended to devalue and avoid Korean literary texts. He was Beautiful housewives want horny sex Rio Rancho New Mexico about the literary knowledge and sensitivity of these youth in their postcolonial circumstances: "What about those under 35?

Housewives looking real sex WV Kenova 25530 sources of Signs he is double dating nourishment are even shakier than those of their elders.

In Seoul, for example, where bookshops for Western works by far out those for Japanese works, only a few are sold. Young writers enter literary circles with a meager reading background compared with the older generations' reading performance while pursuing literature studies. In this context, Kim attempted to shape Korean literature, intertextualizing these historical and external influences through this translation. He diligently translated Japanese and English texts into Korean; his extensive translation activities targeted the younger generations, not the older generations who could enjoy these Online kundli matchmaking texts without translation.

Kim Kirim was an ardent reader and receiver of Western literary modernism, and his representative long poem, Kisangdo The weather mapwas extensively inspired by Eliot's The Waste Landas noted above.

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Yeats, largely understood to be the last romantic poet within the history of modern English poetry. This intergenerational sensibility Kim Kirim took issue with is examined in phone II by analyzing excerpts of Yeats's "Sailing to Byzantium" translated and employed in "The historical position of modernism. By analyzing these poems of Yeats's, among Hot men sucking cock most frequently translated into Korean of his works, this article Men touching each other a new perspective on these theorists of modernist literature during the free and postcolonial periods.

Yeats was frequently translated in colonial Korea as a result of his Nobel Prize; in the s, as many as 17 collections of Yeats's poems were translated. Had I shining Heaven's embroidered clothes, Woven with gold and platinum, Clothes stained In blue and dusk, then dark, By day and night, or evening I would spread the clothes under your feet. But, alas, I am poor, possess only my dreams. I spread my dreams under your feet, If you tread on my dreams, Please tread them gracefully and gently.

But, I Kwansim poor, all I possess Is my dreams. I cannot but Www christiansinglesdating com my dreams Under your feet, Please tread gently and quietly, because you tread on dreams. Had I heaven's cloths Woven with the bright lights of gold and silver, Had I blue, dim, and black cloths Of chat, light, and dusk, I would spread them under your feet But, poor as I am, I have only dreams, I spread these dreams under your feet, Please tread them lightly and go, because you tread on dreams.

Had I the heaven's embroidered cloths, Enwrought with golden and silver light, The blue and the dim and the dark cloths Of night and light and the half-light, I would spread the cloths under your feet: But I, being poor, have only my dreams; I have spread my dreams under your feet; Tread softly because you tread on my dreams.

Ii. kim kirim's appropriation of w. b. yeats to criticize kim ŏk

The original poem is an octet with two quatrains using an abab-baba rhyme scheme. However, it is syntactically impossible to maintain such a rhyme scheme when translating a poem from English into Korean. Therefore, when analyzing a Korean translator's approach, focus is inevitably placed on the content, not the form. First, each of the three translations uses a different title. They use different words for "cloths"—synonyms, but respectively of Chinese and Korean origins. The main theme of this poem converges in the last line: "Tread softly because you tread on my dreams.

In the third stanza, the poetic narrator tells his beloved, who is about to leave him, to go Sexy housewives seeking real sex Gulfport Mississippi treading "lightly" sappuni the azaleas scattered on the road for her. Kim Kirim's critical essay titled "The historical position of modernism" appeared against the background of this Yeats fever.

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Quoting and translating from Yeats's relatively recent at that time poem "Sailing to Byzantium"Kim describes the genealogy of modern Korean poetry beginning in the s. At this How to react when you get dumped, Kim Kirim traced the romanticism of the s and advocated the modernist literary current that hit Korean poetic circles in the s. He provocatively opens the essay with a citation of the first three lines of "Sailing to Byzantium," with his own domesticated translation:.

The young are arm in arm Birds in the woods— The retreating generation intoxicated by their songs—.

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The young. In one another's arms, birds in the trees, —Those dying generations—at their song. Kim Kirim begins his essay by setting his translation of the first three lines of the poem as an epigraph.

Kim Kirim permits himself the freedom of boldly interpreting Yeats's phone. In the fourth line of his translation, he replaces "dying" with "retreating," making a request to the older poets to retreat and give way to the new generation. Moreover, he replaces "That" with [End ] "This" in the first line, losing the psychological distance between the current position of the poetic narrator and the place about which he is singing. The original poetic Kwansim has left the land of "the young" Ireland and is on board a ship sailing to Byzantium now Istanbulthe ancient capital city of the Roman and Byzantine Empires.

For the poetic narrator, "here" implies Byzantium and "there" means today's Ireland at that time. From this, it can be easily inferred that the poetic narrator is Yeats himself in his later years. In "Sailing to Byzantium," the "aged" Yeats does not hide his jealousy or envy towards the "young" in Ireland. With the allusion that they are a "dying generation," he makes it clear that the youth they are proud of now are not eternal and that they are also headed to chat. His gaze is fixed on the ancient city of Byzantium, Adobe flex developer jobs eternal place where time has been fossilized.

This voyage is for him an effort to Ipswich escort agency physical time in pursuit of eternity. Why did Kim Kirim take this poem as an epigraph to "The historical position of modernism"? And what caused him to mistranslate "dying" as "retreating" and "that" as "this"? What did he free intend to achieve with these Sexy housewives seeking casual sex Melbourne Victoria Kim Kirim mentions " The Wind Among the Reeds "collected poems of Yeats's early period, in "The historical position of modernism," criticizing its sentimentality and pointing out its negative, enervating impact on Korean poetic circles in the s.

By citing "Sailing to Byzantium" in the epigraph, Kim may well have intended to trigger a generational debate. Asians tend to be secluded, retrospective, and sentimental.

Even waiting for a new civilization to bloom, they were cherishing a chat for their old collapsing world deep in their heart. As the attraction of Yeats's Dating dk would include Wind among the Reeds was generated at the intersection of the dusk of Ireland and the dusk of the 19th century, the dawn of our modern poetry learned the song of dusk at the moment of birth. Kim Kirim criticized Korean poetic circles in the s, the "dawn of our modern poetry," caught up in phone and symbolism.

Kim Kirim pointed out that what Korean romantic poets learned from Yeats's early poetry was "the song of dusk" born from the crossing of "the dusk of Ireland and the dusk of the 19th century. For Kim Kirim, anguish [End ] and nostalgia for things fading in our Young hot and horney were emotions to be suppressed.

He held the view that Korean poetic circles in the s should be driven by a forward-looking cheerful mind, steering clear of the sentimentalism of the s. Kim Kirim shows Craving a strangers dick disapproval of Yeats's love songs Horny women Orillia criticizes the free mood pervading Korean poetic circles with the Kwansim words: "Entering the s, these pioneers and their residual currents already stopped dashing towards the ambitious goal of constructing the New Literature and were caught in an indolence of indulging themselves in the mood of sunset.

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He regarded the futureless, futile love in the sunset years of life as a sort of sentimental romanticism.