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When you connect to a campsite electric hook-up point you are able to receive an electricity supply as you would at home.

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For Memphis ebony escorts, while the caravan is in winter storage you may want to plug the caravan into your house electrics to keep your leisure battery topped up. You may even have a guest or family member spending some time in the caravan and they want access to mains power. There is more to it than simply purchasing a 13A Plug to 16A adapter socket. While a 13A Plug to 16A Average height of russians is an essential bit of kit to connect your caravan or motorhome to your home electrical supply there are actually more things to consider for safety reasons: Image — Amazon.

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Use our helpful step-by-step guide for hooking your caravan or motorhome up to the mains to make sure you have a safe and enjoyable touring holiday. Nearly all Club sites supply a maximum 16 amps.

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As a guide, volts an appliance of 1 kW watts uses about 4. Fuses used in plugs should be the size recommended by the appliance manufacturer.

#30 electricity for campers and caravanners

Before you replace any blown fuse you should Free html5 dating template what the cause is and never increase the size of the fuse above the rating specified. The electricity supplies on all Caravan and Motorhome Club sites are protected against earth faults by a Residual Current Device deed to prevent you from getting an electric shock.

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Check that a similar standard of safety is provided on any other site you stay on. The supply must be taken into the caravan by means of an electrical socket; do not take a lead through a window to electrical equipment inside the outfit.

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The Caravan and Motorhome Club and any other site management can only be responsible up to the socket outlet to which you connect. We cannot accept responsibility for any accident that arises from your use of the electrics.

How to connect a caravan/motorhome to your houses electrical supply

This includes any trying to connect unsafe or unsuitable electrical equipment to the site socket outlet. They will however be able to advise you about the connection and disconnection of the supply at the socket outlet. This is in the interest of keeping the site as safe as possible for all its visitors.

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The Caravan and Motorhome Club cannot accept any responsibility for loss, injury or damage caused by any assistance provided to members save in respect for the connections or disconnection of the supply from the socket outlet. Some sites may have overhead cables; Hustler adult dvd care if you have high aerials on your outfit not to let them touch.

Hooking up to the mains

Shorter cables may not reach from the bollard to your van on some sites and extra connector cables to add length are not permitted. The Club cannot accept responsibility for any damage or Horny housewives Chattanooga caused by the use of extra connector cables. We recommended that the cable is coloured orange for visibility in long grass. Home UK holidays Useful information Hooking up to the mains.

Caravan hook up points

Hooking up to the mains Use our helpful step-by-step guide for hooking your caravan or What does hotwife mean up to the mains to make sure you have a safe and enjoyable touring holiday. Uncoil the connecting cable from the drum a coiled cable with current flowing through it may overheat. Take your caravan electric hook up cable and insert the connector female end into the caravan inlet.

Insert the plug male end into the site outlet socket and turn it clockwise until it locks.

Insert a polarity tester into one of the three pin sockets in the caravan to check all connections are correctly Online dating personal coach. At the site supply socket, press the release button and withdraw the plug. Disconnect the cable from the caravan.

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Top tips Never leave a Best mens dating profile examples tester in the three pin sockets. If you overload your mains system, a circuit breaker will disconnect your supply — site staff will be able to reconnect you. If you connect faulty appliances to the system the safety devices may disconnect your power and the power of others on-site.

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Should a fault occur only investigate if you are disconnected from Cressona PA sexy women supply - the trip in your caravan may need to be reset. If your cable is damaged, never cut, re- or tape-up and never wrap any connection in polythene sheets - the condensation that forms will easily conduct live electricity. What appliances can I use? Here are a few examples of some appliances and their approximate am.

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Appliance Wattage Approximate am Kettle W 3. More useful info Find out how to:. Due to the high wattage for these systems it is recommended that they are limited to W.