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They had this women on the show just to pull this prank. It's great. I have to say this lady has a real eye for catching cool potato chips.

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Johnny Carson had Potato Chip Lonely wives want nsa Edmonton AlbertaMyrtle Young, showing off her prize-winning collection when pretended to take a bite. Some people knit as a hobby, and some people collect coins. Myrtle Young however had a slightly different hobby. She collected potato chips that were shaped like animals and other objects. Myrtle worked at a potato chip factory, which gave her access to many different shapes of potato chips. Myrtle then began to collect all the irregular chips.

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She was Young worked as a potato chip inspector for 17 years at the former Seyfert's plant in Fort Wayne. She began collecting potato chips that looked like famous people, animals and various objects in After an interview with a reporter from The News-Sentinel, Young began to make the rounds on the late-night talk show circuit.

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While Young shared her potato chip collection with Carson's audience, the comedian bit down on a potato chip that was hidden behind his desk. She whirled around to Carson, thinking he ate one of her prized chips. InCarson's trick was named the funniest moment on television in the Massage dubai sex 50 years by the editors of TV Guide.

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Wiles said her mother even traveled overseas to appear on shows in Amsterdam and London. When Young retired from her job as a potato chip inspector, she continued to work at Seyfert's as a tour guide. She showed visitors around the plant and shared her potato chip collection with them.

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Wiles said there are about to potato chips Teen gymnast fucking her mother's collection. She said some of the chips and other memorabilia will be on display at Young's viewing today and funeral Thursday.

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