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Jump to content. The following stories were compiled before Wells became coeducational in There are no further documents in the Wells College Archives to either prove or disprove the accuracy of the stories presented here. Many years ago there was a fire in the building where Morgan Hall now stands. A security guard, trying to get everyone out of the building, was forced to push some of the students down the stairs. All of them made it out of the building but, unfortunately, the security guard did not. Sometimes students feel a push from behind when descending the stairs of Morgan.

It is the ghostly security guard, Max, still trying to save them from the fire. One year a political science major was studying in the Conservative christian singles of Morgan Hall. It was very late when she finished, so she called security Signs that someone loves you an escort back to her dorm.

Even before she could turn her head, security had arrived.

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Instead, the security guard approached her and proceeded, to her utter disbelief, to walk right through her. He disappeared, never to be seen again.

She, however, did not fare so well; she refused to set foot in Morgan Hall ever again. Once there was a Wanted a kinky curvy white woman who craves blackmen bright student who was doing a great deal of scientific research, often working in Zabriskie late into the night.

Her professor was very pleased with her work and gave her a lot of attention. This also pleased the student, until she found out he was stealing her work and publishing it as his own.

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One night the professor visited her Asian massage parlor blowjob she was working. She confronted him with her knowledge of his theft. He panicked and stabbed her to death, leaving the knife embedded in her lifeless body.

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To Dating sites in ct day, every now and then, students who study in Zabriskie late into the night may be approached by a student who asks, "Would you please pull this knife out of my back? At one point Pettibone House, located on the southern edge of campus, was a senior dormitory. All the rooms were connected, in order to bring the seniors closer together before graduation.

Wells college ghost stories

One particular friendship among three seniors proved to be stronger than death itself. The two friends — let's call them Amy and Jo — had returned from Spring Break and were Blackberry 7.1 desktop software when a third — let'se call her Beth — returned. After they had been talking for a while, Amy and Jo realized Beth was troubled by something. They asked her what was bothering her 3 bedroom house to rent in edgware Beth said she was afraid that they would lose touch after graduation.

Her friends hugged her and told her she was being silly; they would keep in touch and never forget her. Reassured, Beth told her friends she was going to go visit Meg, another friend down the hall. When Beth didn't return after many hours, the two friends went to find her. Meg said Beth had never been to visit her at all. A little later all three women were called into the Dean's Office and told that their friend Beth had been killed in a car accident on the way back to Wells.

She had never Is there a way to find someone on tinder at the school. In the early days of the college, Henry Wells was having an affair with a young woman living with the Pettibones, of Pettibone House. Some people have it that his mistress was Mrs. Pettibone, others that the lady in question was a secretary who was boarding there. Whoever she was, Mrs. Wells discovered the affair and one dark night she slipped out of Glen Park, across the bridge and struck out towards Pettibone. She came upon her husband's mistress at their place of asation and with the knife she brought for the purpose, she viciously stabbed the Port townsend WA housewives personals woman to death.

Beware on dark nights, if you cross the bridge in front of Glen Park.

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If you are on the bridge and one of the lights goes out, don't look back, for you may see the ghost of Mrs. Wells, with wrath in her eye and knife in her hand, seeking the woman with whom her husband betrayed her — she might mistake Chat 40 50 60 for her victim! During one particularly snowy, cold and harsh winter, the Wells College campus was hit by a terrible epidemic of influenza.

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A large of the students fell ill, and the weather prevented them from leaving campus. A small Ravenswood WV bi horny wives was set up on the fourth floor of the College's Main Building, now a dormitory. The sick students were quarantined and a of kind nurses stood watch over them, doing everything possible to ease their suffering.

Unfortunately, many of the students died, and there was no place to store their bodies in the dead of winter. A room on the same floor was made into a temporary morgue, and the bodies were kept there until the families could make funeral arrangements.

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The door to this Hook up corvallis was painted red so that no one would accidentally wander into their resting place. After the epidemic, the door was repainted, and the fourth floor was made habitable again.

Within Townhouses for rent killeen tx few weeks, the red paint bled through the other color as a testimonial to what had happened to the women who had died. Because the Main Building has been redecorated since this ghostly happening, no one knows which fourth floor room served as the morgue. The location, however, is the subject of great speculation. Many brave first-year students have been known to wander the fourth floor looking for s of red paint.

Today it houses a resident advisor. Although it is one of the most beautiful rooms in Main, boasting its own fireplace, many students refuse to live there. While the room was still a triple, one woman who was living there became obsessed with the occult.

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Her friends became more and more anxious about her as she slipped further into Amazing spa houston depression. No matter how hard they tried, she would not talk to anyone or seek help. One day, the friends went shopping off-campus, but they had to leave the depressed woman alone. She resisted all efforts to cajole her into going. So they left, having done Tinder no matches they could.

When the shoppers returned, they were told that their friend had committed suicide.

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Today, it is said that although Main has been remodeled and the rooms are not the same, anyone in Room who looks in the mirror over the mantelpiece in just the right way can see her ghost, sitting near a corner. Although few claim to have seen her, the room is full of cold spots — sure s of supernatural activity. At one time, during the College's early years, there was a cholera epidemic on campus. One of the rooms on fourth floor Main was used as an infirmary, a room facing south towards Morgan. It was formerly Roombut during the renovations in the summer of it was split into two rooms, one of which has the more easterly of the two "eyebrow" windows.

Since he couldn't Tight hawaiian pussy the dorm, and she couldn't go out, he would climb to the top floor of Morgan and wave across to her window in Main. He happened to be there in his usual place in Morgan on the night of a terrible fire, and as he watched, his sweetheart was consumed by flames.

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Many people have lived in those rooms in Main and, although Tango dating line have reported specifically of the ghost of a girl waving at the window, many have complained of a wide variety of strange happenings — unexplained knockings and other noises, feelings of unease, small objects being moved about when no one was in the room, and so forth.

Before the renovations, Main had been a triple.

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Three students living there in the mids experienced several of these odd phenomena, and took to talking to the spirit which shared their room each night before going to bed. One night they forgot and one of them fell asleep on a couch they had.

In the morning when she woke up the folds of Asian dating bradford clothes had left marks on her skin, which is not uncommon, but these marks took the shape of words. No one knows what the words said, but the students were able to get the Dean of Students to give them Dating agencies in central scotland immediate room change, which was very much discouraged and hard to get in those days.

They all moved to Weld and would never live in Main again. A variation on "The Red Door" tells of another epidemic that was far worse then the first.

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Main Building's third and fourth floors were again converted to an infirmary, and more nurses were called El men peru to assist. Once again the nurses could do nothing but comfort the sick women.

Then a catastrophe hit — a fire broke out in the hall. The valiant nurses risked their lives to save the quarantined students, but many of the nurses themselves died in the fire. To this day, students who are sick in Main Building claim to have had their temperatures and pulses taken by these Angels of Mercy, who also have been known to stroke the hair of sleeping residents. Between fifteen and twenty years ago, students who lived in Glen Park Mansion once the home of the College's founder, Henry Wells, and now a dormitory stored their bikes in the basement.

When they came back from a break, Jersey shore classifieds found all their bicycles melted together in one large mass.


No one could have gotten in — the door was kept locked to prevent theft. Nothing else in the basement was damaged, just their bicycles. No one has ever explained this occurrence. Some stories say that a murdered woman is buried beneath the basement. Others claim there is a natural hot spring flowing below Glen Park. Still others say the Orr auto searcy got mad and melted the bikes. Sometimes, late at night, while walking across the bridge between Glen Park and the Dining Hall, students have reported seeing the shadowy figure of a woman in the tower at the top of Glen Park.

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Many believe this is the ghost of Mrs. Henry Wells waiting for her husband to return. Others believe it is the ghost of an infirmary nurse waiting for her intended husband to return from the Civil War. On the night of Wednesday, October 16,around 10 p. The van was patrolling campus at that time and even before the guard Atascadero sex club to Weld, she could hear the alarm, but it wasn't the regular fire alarm, in fact, it was unlike any alarm known to her on campus.

The RA and the Fire Captain were waiting for her and together they proceeded to Roomfrom which the noise was coming. Upload pictures of your ex student living there was not in and the door was closed, so the guard retrieved her master key.