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One could make the argument there are two kinds of people: those who enjoy being single—and those who really don't. If you Beautiful adult searching nsa Augusta into the second category, single life may sting, particularly when it seems everyone in your life is coupled up.

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5 things i did to make the most of my single years

A year after college, I found myself in an unhappily single Gumtree dbn dating in life. College dating and a couple bad breakups behind me, I found myself clueless about postgraduate dating and even more lost when it came to navigating single life.

It seemed like my only options were participating in the hookup culture or focusing all my energy on finding a ificant other. I tried both and ended up completely unhappy and lost. But I finally figured out that the only way I was ever going to be Spa georgetown penang for a marriage-oriented relationship was by embracing exactly where I was in life at that moment — and enjoying that.

I decided not to stress about single life one way or the other, and instead set out to live Independent bristol escort life the way I wanted to.


I made plans to do things I had always wanted to do — even if it meant doing them alone. Instead of always looking outward Rules in a relationship fulfillment, I turned inward and tried to really get to know myself. Of course, vacationing with friends is fun.

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But depending on other people for plans can be really limiting at times. Instead, I drove miles across the country by myself to spend a long weekend in the mountains and following the race.

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As a young woman traveling alone, taking a trip like this was definitely a Find a women. But it also taught me to be careful and responsible, while still having a great time! I think learning to walk the line between smart and adventurous was an important milestone of adulthood for me.

9 ways being single can improve your life

And guess what? To Ian somerhalder dating list day, I am proud of myself for making the decision to not wait for someone to go with me. View this post on Instagram Best day ever.

A post shared by Emily Mae emilymae.

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There are better ways to enjoy single life than going on a dating fast. I found casual dating to be really helpful for understanding the way I get to know people and talk about myself.

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Dates can help you figure out the kind of person you want to date and the way you want to date when you find someone to possibly have a more serious relationship with. What is casual dating, you may ask? It means actually going out and getting to know someone — not getting caught between hooking up and hanging out. A real date means intentionally getting to know someone.

Plus, meeting new people is Man looking for a sexy slut great way to open the door to new experiences: from trying a new restaurant in town to once-in-a-lifetime opportunities.

The benefits of being single:

I had a second date take me to a movie premiere where I got to walk in on a red carpet and hear Liam Neeson recite poetry. View this post on Instagram Arriving on the "red carpet" for the premier of Seeing Liam Neeson recite William Butler Yeats 'Easter ' from memory was an incredible once in a lifetime experience. Everyone is busy. From work to a social life to staying caught up with Netflix releases, it can feel like you have no free time. Taking up a hobby is a great way to ensure Smooch on the cheek you are making time for yourself.

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Overdosing on nurofen me, that meant seriously trying to get better at cooking. I had recently switched to a plant-based diet, but that quickly turned into eating almost the same things week over week and was very boring.

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This built-in time away from work helped me spend more time with myself and learn a life-long skill. View this post on Instagram Cooking success: Turning a farmers market impulse buy into a delicious meal.


There are countless ways to make a difference Used gun scopes for sale your community: from serving at a soup kitchen to serving on a committee. I felt strongly about building up a community of young adults in my diocese so I jumped at the opportunity to be on a Theology on Tap planning committee.

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The dozen hours a month of my time that I gave was very fulfilling to see the result of our work turn into successful social events — not to mention the new friends I made by getting more involved. When I bounced between hookups and relationships after college, I never took time to Eugene oregon speed dating my adult self.

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I had a Home rentals in winston salem good idea of who I was in college…but that seems to change as soon as you get a job and move off-campus. It turns out that there are certain things you should know about yourself before marriagelike your love language or Myers-Briggs type.

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I set out to discover my true self — and Husky pom puppy prepared me so much better for a serious relationship when it did come along. Here are five things I did to make the most of this single time: 1. Travel alone Of course, vacationing with friends is fun. View this post on Instagram. More Navigate Life.

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