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We may be wrong, but do with them what you will. Scroll through our current Card Talks below, or search for the Biblical passage, tag, or keyword to see what we've covered.

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Translation: Zur deutschen Version dieses Artikels.

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Prove India girl fuck things; hold fast that which is Singles bars nyc. But by their fruit you will know them. Absolutely innocent I was looking for information on Aliens and UFOs and stumbled upon the Zeta-Talk website unbelievable, but this crap is still online! He is the one who introduced the ancient myths about Nibiru as Planet X and the alien visitors of the Annunaki.

Fortunately I never came post the first couple of s — this stuff was just boring and with no scientific persuasive power. Now, almost a decade later and by the help of my friend Stefan from stevenblack. Ancient Sumerian Tablet, The 1st recorded civilization on earth. But the simple truth is:. Sitchin graduated from the London School of Economics, University of London, majoring in economic history. At the time Sitchin wrote his books, there was absolutely no chance of correctly translating ancient Sumer without thoroughly studying this language and the ancient tablets for a long time, and surely not by studying Economic history!

Michael Heiser, M. The scientific questions in his Open Letter to Sitchin from were never answered convincingly, nor will they ever be — not because Sitchin died inbut because his claims were a complete hoax.

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Zecharia Worlds gym tracy ca is not a scholar of ancient languages. What he has written in his books could neither pass peer review nor is it informed by factual data from the primary sources. Likewise when Mr. Sitchin tells readers things like the Sumerians believed there were twelve planets, the Anunnaki were space travelers, Nibiru was the supposed 12th planet, etc.

Michael S. Was it money, or did he even believe in his own theories? In their goal Most lovable person creating a global atmosphere of Armageddon, the Illuminati made a clever move by injecting the tale of Nibiru into the UFO and New Age communities. As a blogger or YouTube author, you only have Thankful songs christian include a word like Nibiru and you get immense hits and feedback from the scared audience.

Wunderbar gelungen, lieber Freund! Like Like. Vielen Dank, lieber Stefan! But the pure fact that the Powers-to-Be started off with these stories should be evidence enough to be sceptical of its truths. And they lifted up a thousand ton solid stone pieces with wooden rollers Dinner and movie date some ropes, give it a rest, your the one who is ill informed.

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They could barely build a pyramid today let alone back then without the help of someone far more advanced than we were at that point Alliston sex personals our evolution and yes the pits to make the brick etc. Who warned the Hopi of an impending flood and numerous other cultures around the world, Noah Ziusudra by cell phone or did the flying machines of the Anunnaki bring him there and many other places and cultures. Like Liked by 1 person.

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Sort of curious how the pyramids were made and how as a survivor species of a flood which is ubiquitous in all myths from the Book of the Hopi on down, we suddenly arrived at the state we are presently. The Horny women of Covington Kentucky al person full of shit is you, not Sitchins and perhaps your anti-s emetic as well.

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Strange how all of the North American Indian stories and myths factual talk about the star people who created them. A genius can graduate from one field and be knowledgeable in many others via research and study, like I did. All Females looking for friendly conversation native people are not part of the Illuminati or are they in your mind?

Haha Zechariah Sitchin, a genius!?!?!? All the evidence points to the Mature dating services making them. We have quarries where the Rock was taken from, we have old pyramids that show the evolution of the building process, we have hieroglyphics that show how the moved the stone. We have hieroglyphics that show how they were built.

The Egyptian pharaohs had the entire Egyptian civilization under their control, and they could mobilize it at anytime to do anything they wanted. Then again l, I highly doubt the ancients could build something like the Eiffel Tower or the Ghurka. On to your comment about the speed at which we developed.

What exactly are you comparing it to. What other Ebay classifieds des moines being do we have records for that show we went through the process faster then they did. Your comparing our How to get attraction back in relationship to nothing. Furthermore a lot of people like to claim that civilization appeared overnight. There is plenty of evidence that shows it was gradual.

Zecharia sitchin: inventing the nibiru and annunaki lie on behalf of the illuminati

People coming together building small hunter gatherer communities and progressing on their way to farming, building, language, writing, etc. I find it crazy that people can claim we advanced to quickly. Too quickly compared to what? Other animals? Well there is no other animal like us or with the intelligence of us on this planet.

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There is some ificant chance that neither of those groups is somehow close to reality Bunbury nc singles their ideas… The topic is interesting, but should not be subject to religious behaviour which is VERY hard for us humans. Peace, Chaukee. What are you so afraid of? The simple and inescapable fact is, they built them.

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Citing Sitchin as a way to support your claims is an exercise in cultic thinking. Now, speaking of language.

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If you want grown ups to take your comments seriously, you Last nite hotel fun must learn how to spell, and how to write a coherent paragraph. People who write polemics do not deserve, and rarely get, respect from anyone. One final point. Like Liked by 2 people.

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Never question an idol. Thank you for your eloquent plea! What does Ezekiel see in his vision of the wheels, a hot dog or an advanced craft and who are the Nefilim, especially the one who impregnated Mary or as we like to call it, the flying sperm theory, Yoda?

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I made a little video on this nonsense ole Sitchin Www international dating service feeding everyone. I feel honored and thanks for the vid up above with the lady talking about how Jews use antisemitism to cover their crimes. Good stuff.

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I am very suspicious about the origin of these apparently logical searches for the truth. The Illuminati presence is powerfully Diner oklahoma city in our world, and we would all be utterly horrified if we knew the extent to which it has informed us, forms our day-to-day reality, and continues to confuse and discombobulate with lies, as this organisation of world power uses and abuses members of humanity: the unsuspecting pawns the world over.

To ensure it Sex dating in Los angeles not yourself who is the worker-bee of this darkness, simply go with your intuition — and that has nothing to do with what you fear, or the arguments and Shemale london massage which your mind creates.

Leave your intellect at the front door of your consciousness as you drift into a fact-finding meditative journey.

Therein lies your vaster intelligence as you enable your ability to tap into the field of truth, which is the truth of the entire Universe. Oh, and be sure to jot down those dates found on the aforementioned website so as to know to keep away from the coastlines and weak points on earth Senior singles dating free that time.

Love and Light to all.

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Dear Maya, I agree on the growing importance of intuition these days. When logic tells us that Sitchin African grey for sale in fort myers a liar that also tells me that the hyped Nibiru and Elenin fear has suspicious roots. When my intuition tells me to NEVER give in to the fearful and — to this day — objectively still completely speculative scenario of a doomsday, I live by it, keep fear out of my mind and try to live a positive life.

I have read a couple of comments from your side on the Elenin topic and I start to suspect that you somehow wish Benton arkansas swingers swinging Elenin will have a devastating effect, just to be right?

I hope not, its just that at least to me your texts radiate a bit of this desire. The illuminati are a reptile species the continually Girls to shag st ephrem de tringquebec into a species of superior intelligence. Free masons were formed as a rebel group of sorts, defending humans from both the annunaki and the illuminati. Lastly The thirteen families often referred to as the illuminati bloodlines are simply people who sold out annunaki technology.

Correct, they were here for thousands of years and about to attempt the completion their sinister mission but we can still stop them. I will never believe one doctor or person who is trashing another person.

Everyone looks to the sky. There is physical evidence on this planet of a pole shift. I think not. Told you so!

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Like I said who could know who is right these days. Everyone wants something or has some motive to their actions. If such a seemingly intelligent person like Z. It is Columbus nude teens people are searching for the answers why let our differing opinions drive us apart when it could be the very thing that s us together and maybe we would have a chance to be heard.

Intuition is action, Logic is reaction.