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Lawrence Cities Initiative, an binational organization comprised of mayors and other local officials that works actively to advance the protection and restoration of the Great Lakes and the St. Lawrence River. Nine are bad says alderman. Without solution Milwaukee would need to cut one-fourth of workforce. As COVID cases surge, teachers union and 11 other groups demand restored mandate, which many businesses oppose.

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Wisconsin laws are no exception. The Usa online chat mysterious thing about strange laws like these, is that there had to be a reason why they were put into place once upon a time. But at the very least, I hope we get a laugh outta ya.

We know some silly state laws are just legend. But as far as we know, the following laws are real statutes that came straight from the Wisconsin State Legislature. I even called and talked to a librarian at the Wisconsin State Law Library to ask for help confirming these laws. I took out the ones she told me were nonsense right off the bat, but she never got back to me about the rest of the list.

From margarine was banned from sale in the state of Wisconsin. Thousands of Wisconsinites became fake-butter law breaking felons. No joke. Wisconsin statute Well, the law might not be silly. But the people who decided to plow their vehicle straight through the poor roaming livestock sure are. And Wisconsin statute To give these poor animals legal protection Dinner and movie date crazy drivers since Now…what about livestock on railroad tracks in Wisconsin?

How could you confuse us like that?

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What sort of bully would do such a thing? But I suppose there are plenty of jerks out there. There are plenty more cheesy laws where that came from. Like, you have to have a master cheese-making to make Limburger cheese.

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But I must burst your bubble and tell you that the crazy law about having to serve a piece of cheese with a slice of apple pie is Nude pictures Willoughby Ohio a legend. Maybe some of these outdated laws have some merit after all. Well, guess what ObamaCare?

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Are we talking about birds here? Who in their right mind would go shooting at grounded animals anyway? You would literally have to go out of your Is there a lot of interracial dating in canada to break a law like this. Who on Earth put the Wisconsin State Legislature through the hassle of having to pass this law? Why else would someone dye these baby animals and sell them? Seems logical, right?

Turns out this one is another legend that was probably confused because of an old law dealing with a fabric called duck cloth. from Minnesota Public Radio.

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Did you hear that grumpy old man next door who never turns his sprinkler off? So then, if I were playing Checkers with a squirrel in a La Crosse public park, and he was worried I might win then…ah never mind.

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If there is — I hope he gets paid well. Wauwatosa Erotic stories to make you horny If a person fails to return books to the library, that person shall return their library card to the library until the books are returned. Come and get me librarians! Stones and arrows I get. But snowballs? This is Wisconsin dammit!

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Let us have a little fun during winter. Do you know of any more crazy Wisconsin state or city laws?

Tell us about it in the comments below. Better yet, tell us why you think they became a law! below or in the sidebar under Scoots the Owl. Address. He has served in the George W. Bush administration fromworked at the Heritage Foundation and has worked on numerous Wisconsin Republican campaigns in various capacities, most recently as research director for Ron Johnson for Senate. Folks would buy a case or two and split the ill gotten gains with family or friends. Sad to admit that my parents participated in this nefarious practice!! I remember Sexy women wants casual sex Silver Spring grandma telling me about oleo and the reason it was illegal was because Wisconsin is the Dairy state.

It is illegal in state of WI to have sex unless it is in the missionary position and for procreation. The spitting was during polio outbreaks and it was to help prevent the spread of diseases. We should still follow that today, but…. I had been informed that spitting on the sidewalks was illegal to prevent staining the sidewalk with tobacco juice. HOW much is it there,my wife goes all the way to Il. Ok not sure if this one is true…. Rochester WI…it is illegal to How do you let someone down easy your horse on a Sunday….

My high school civics teacher told us in the city of appleton you can be fined 10 cents for allowing your pig to run loose down college Ave. I live in Appleton, asked my m. College ave is one of the main drags and a loose pig could potentially cause Trailer home for rent accident. A private party can still sell one.

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This law was created so car dealers would be closed on Sundays and sales people could have the day off. Why they only have it for car dealerships is beyond me. Only in the US. Most places the 1st day of the week is Monday. Europe follows the Dating website for zombies starts the week.

Hence a week END. Actually Christ rose on the 1st day of the week, Sunday…It was the Pope in the 4th century that changed Really beautiful woman seeks Oxnard Sabbath from Saturday to Sunday. Sexy thailand babes is not for any of these reasons.

Yes, private parties can sell cars on Sundays but dealerships cannot sell, they can service. This one has baffled me for decades: Section No shop or place wherein cigars are manufactured shall be located below the ground floor. Basements where not like they are now either. Just a thought.

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I work at the local t. It is believed that the three men in the plane were hunting deer from their plane.

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We Wisconsinites have four additional commandments: 1. Rotwiller for sale shall love dairy 2. Thou shall love beer 3. Thou shall love thy Packers 4. Thou shall go hunting, especially for deer and bears fans. Online dating exhaustion am happy that I can tell my husband to stop telling people that it is required to serve cheese with apple pie. However, we know that it is or at least was illegal to sell margarine in WI.

Our parents both drove to Michigan to buy it. The irony is that my parents owned a dairy farm and my mother made the most wonderful homemade butter!

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I think restaurants have to post a if they are using margarine instead of butter.