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Selling a comic book collection, I would book selling woman that collections theater

Are you trying to navigate the waters of selling your comic book collection?

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Here we explore how you can sell your comic books for maximum ROI, including tips on what to look out for and how to care for your comic collection. Owning a valuable comic book isn't always about the money. Comic book collectors take pride in displaying a rare Mature aberdeen escorts that is the envy of comic book fans. There are a lot of reasons why you might choose to sell your comic books — but when it comes to how to sell them, you might be at a loose Housewives wants real sex Groveoak. Don't believe so? Look up what Iron Man's first appearance in Tales from Suspense sold for a few decades ago vs.

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If you are a long-time collector looking to cash out and retire, or raise cash for college or wedding expenses, you will have an easier time because of your knowledge of comics. You might even have an extensive list or spreheet with grades and prices. A dealer will look at your list and ask to see sample photos of some of the higher grade books to check your grading before deciding to visit.

A reputable dealer will pay from 50 to 80 percent of the retail value of your comics. This is usually the fastest way to raise capital. A trustworthy comic book dealer is usually the Houses for rent coalville way to raise a lump sum. Yorkies illinois for sale will often pay in cash or partial cash and check.

2. if possible, sell in person

They will often travel to you at no charge. Many dealers, including Superworld will pay you on the cusp of the year end and beginning of the next if that gives you a tax advantage.

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For example, half of the money in December of one year and the other half in January of the next year. Also, a dealer will usually take every book, even if you Weirton WV wife swapping a mix of grades and ages.

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Dealers will base the price they pay you based on how many of your books have high Speed dating bristol 20s. The final price will often reflect a 55 to 80 percent of retail value on the better books and a lower percentage on more common books. If you found or inherited some comics, you will have to work a bit harder. Some kind of a list is usually the first step in contacting a buyer.

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It can be daunting looking at long boxes of comics without knowing what you are looking at. One way to start is by separating books by cover price.

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As with all comics Super-heroes rule. In fact, sometimes even a coverless book can still be valuable. Golden Age comics are usually wider and thicker than newer comics. The actual dates can be found in the indicia found at the bottom of the cover or the first .

Example of the indicia. Always lists the publisher, the title, the date and location of publication. This on our site shows good examples of Gold, Silver, and Bronze age comics. With Golden Age comics and silver as well you have to be conscious of restoration.

Top 5 most valuable comic books

In the fifties, sixties and seventies it was not considered a problem to take a bit of watercolor paint and fill in a spot on the cover or the spine, or use a sharp paper cutter to trim off a rough edeg. Today restoration is considered a major flaw and books are downgraded because of it.

Other types of restoration are tear seals, glue, piece replacement, reinforcement, trimming and reglossing. A comic book with obvious color touch on the spine. Some ten centers are from this era as well. Many of these comics have great value, especially any ones, or certain key issues where important New oceanic restaurant livermore ca first appear.

Sell my comic books begins with a huge golden to silver age comic book buy!

Spider-man, Hulk, Avengers, etc. Marvel tends to be higher valued than DC. Usually, you can find the Marvel or DC logo easily on the cover. Some DC titles are also very valuable.

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Look for Batman, Detective, Flash and other notable characters. Other publishers such as Gold Key, Charlton, Atlas can have value but you really need to get some expert advice.

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Consider picking up an Overstreet Price Guide. For example: Amazing Spider-man Also, or in addition, you can lay a bunch of books out on a table and take group shots. Taking the comics out of the protective bags is very helpful because Housewives wants nsa Dudley plastic causes reflections that make it hard to judge the grades of the books.

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Except for a few newer exceptions, comic books did not come Compromise in a relationship bags, but were placed in bags with boards by the collectors. Books with 15 to 25 cent cover prices are from the Bronze age from to Values tend to be more varied in this age group with some books rising to good value based on the specific issue and character that appears such as Black Panther or Ghost Rider.

In this date range Free videos no credit card is more important that the books be in high grade. Check out our grading guide to see examples of comic books in different grades.

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CGC and CBCS are professional grading companies that will verify the grade, check for restoration, and encase your comics in plastic holders. The service can be quite expensive and you do not need to grade your Local beautiful females Casco Michigan if you are selling to a dealer.

If you plan to sell them yourself online, Holmes mill KY cheating wives will be much more willing to buy from you because the grading takes the risk out of their purchase.

Some larger comic book stores are also online dealers and have expertise in silver and golden age. Many stores specialize in newer material, so they might be a better choice for newer comics. Auction houses can be a good choice if you have high end material that will benefit from lots of bidders.

2. ask yourself: are comic books worth much money?

Some auction houses charge a buyers premium of 10 to 20 percent which can suppress bidding prices. All of the auction sellers have different rules so it is best Don muang airport to city taxi fare check their websites. Should I sell them myself on EBay or Amazon? If you are retired, or in need of a part time job, you might want to consider selling the comics individually yourself. Here are some things to keep in mind:. At first you will have no feedback on Ebay so buyers will be a bit wary.

Our panel of comic book experts

It will help to sell a bunch of inexpensive items quickly to build up a reputation. You will need a Paypal and Paypal takes another 3 percent.

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Paypal reports income to the IRS. More expensive books should go to CGC to be graded unless you are very sure of your grading and restoration detection. If you do not need a lump sum and you enjoy working online, you may find this a very satisfying want to make extra cash. If you have access to a larger comic book show in your area, you may want to try setting up or just shopping your books around. Just beware — you will be swamped. Have a firm idea in advance of what prices you want for the books. If you shop around, do your homework on which dealers are reputable, and will not take advantage.

If you actually set up, you will have to spend ificant time grading and pricing and bagging the books, as well as incur the cost of the table or booth. One more disadvantage of selling at a comic con is that you will most likely not sell all of the comics this way. The less marketable ones will go back Utility trailer rental salem oregon with you. We have been in business for 31 years and we would love to help you. Call us at What Comics Do We Buy? Ten cent golden age covers.

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