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An anxious search for 21 days, 3, posters across the neighbourhood and several social media posts later, this Nanganallur family is reunited with their pet African Grey parrot. He came to us when he was just three months old. We also are parents to three budgies Skittles, Jingles and Twinkles.

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What started as a trial to ascertain how easy it is to acquire the endangered African Grey parrot in Kenya has revealed a Wife want hot sex Oatman online illegal trade of the bird that has been accorded the highest level of protection globally. The investigations unearthed a web on how endangered birds are traded virtually as pets while traffickers exploit buses and long-distance vehicles to conduct their deliveries.

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African grey parrots are beautiful, majestic wild animals. They are also among the most popular bird species kept as a pet in Europe, the USA and the Middle East where they are seen as an attractive pet due to their Only women in Kiel fuck life, ability to mimic human speech and overall intelligence.

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We want to share with you our favourite facts about these truly surprising creatures, to raise awareness on the amazing behaviours this species Rsvp search brisbane parrot displays in the wild, where they belong. African grey parrots have an extremely long lifespan — they live an average of 60 yearswith some birds reaching 80 years old! Because they have such long lives, they often outlive their human owners, meaning that they may have to go through traumatic rehoming several times in their life.

Image: an African grey parrot in the wild.

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Fully grown African greys have shown in some research samples to have the same intelligence level as a toddler. Research has also found that they can identify, request, refuse, categorize, and quantify more than 80 different objects, and respond to questions of concerning concepts of colour and shape.

Grey parrot

In their natural habitat, African grey parrots can travel up to 10 kilometres a day. No domestic setting can match flying free through the luscious African forest!

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This species of parrot is monogamous, which means that they only mate with one companion at a time. Image: two African grey parrots in the wild. Photo credit: World Animal Protection. Wild Always wanted to be with a milf grey parrots are highly social and nest in large groups, containing thousands of individualscomprising of small family groups. This species manages complex social relationships and cooperate with other members of the group.

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Take our pledge to never buy an exotic pet and help us eliminate the demand for these wild animals on the pet market. Can we stay in touch?

African grey parrot

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One of the most popular "exotic pets" in the world, African grey parrots lead complex, active social lives in their natural habitat. Tell the world.

Read on to learn more about African grey Crystals fort worth hours Gee, grandad African grey parrots have an extremely long lifespan — they live an average of 60 yearswith some birds reaching 80 years old! Pledge now.

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